Villa Sirius

Villa Sirius

About project:
Style: minimalism
Area: 290 sq.m.
Year: 2021

The author’s team:
Chief Architect: Anton Kuzma
Project architect: Emin Kulyan
Constructive solutions: Ivan Milov
Interior design: Victoria Malyar
Engineering networks: Mikhail Yankovich
Construction manager: Anton Shevyakov
Visualization and video review: Emin Kulyan

An important element in this development is to maintain the privacy of future residents among the dense surrounding buildings, but at the same time to withstand the modern style and design combined with panoramic windows inherent in the minimalism style.
In the interior design, we satisfied all the wishes of the customer and placed all the rooms of the second floor on favorable sides: eastern and southern.

We designed this house in a complex, it has a very interesting architecture

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1st floor

2nd floor


Kitchen-living room

Master bedroom

Master bedroom. Bathroom

Children’s room 1

Children’s room 2

Guest room 1

Guest room 2

Corridor. Hall



Laundry place

Bathroom 1

Bathroom 2

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