Interior design

Creating your unique space

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Casa Skiline

Interior design

Creating your unique space

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Villa Sirius

Interior design

Creating your unique space

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Villa Alicante

Interior design

Creating your unique space

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Villa Freedom

The architectural studio ArhiNOVA has been carrying out design projects for more than 10 years. If you want to get an individual, author’s interior design, we are glad to help you. Our works have been published more than once in all-Russian and international magazines and were highly appreciated by customers and readers.
We work with objects of any size and complexity: from small one-room apartments to spacious country cottages and large restaurants.

We create an interior in your favorite style – from classics to minimalism.
We strive to see our ideas embodied, so we are ready to help you with the implementation of design solutions and the selection of all the necessary materials: from plumbing to skirting boards and sockets.
We create interior solutions using simple volumes and shapes, the right proportions and author’s items.

We help you to find a harmonious and unique style.
We live the design, make it comfortable for life.

Contact the CEODesign stages

Design stages

Simple steps

Email or call us.


Face-to-Face Meeting at the site

Let's get acquainted with you and your wishes. Let's discuss a vision for the future of interior design.

Utility Diagnostics

Our team travels to the facility and conducts diagnostics of all engineering systems.

Signing of documents

We prepare documents based on your wishes.

Terms of Reference

Let's take measurements, take a picture of the object, conduct a survey. We draw up the terms of reference.

Measurement plan

We develop drawings of existing walls and structures with heights and references to communications.

Zoning and layout concept

Determine the area of all premises. Create a layout concept.

Creating a concept, working with references

Let's find out your preferences. Create a concept board (collage) of the future interior design.

3D visualization (day and night)

3D visualization shows the future interior up to the smallest details in daylight and night light.

Development of Detailed Design Documentation

Let's create a package of drawings, taking into account all utilities, finishing materials, furniture and installation technologies.

Documentation of non-standard items

Every of our projects contains individual products, which requires detailed specifications and drawings.

Volume Estimate

Necessary for a high-quality tender among builders.

Construction schedule

We draw up an optimal schedule for the work. We select and approve contractors.

Author's supervision

Our goal is to keep expectations exactly in line with reality.

Are you ready?

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