Villa Dinasty

Villa Dinasty

About project:

Style: prairie
Location: Hosta, Sochi
Year: 2019
Area: 750 sq.m.

The author’s team:
Chief Architect: Anton Kuzma
Project architect: Emin Kulyan
Constructive solutions: Alexey Petrov, Joseph Kuzma
Engineering networks: Anton Teplov
Video review: Emin Kulyan

All living quarters and landscaped areas have views of the south-east side, which offers a beautiful panorama of the sea, the coastline of Adler and the mountains.
A fairly large height difference of about 8-10 meters made it possible to apply the prairie style as best as possible, which is primarily due to the integration of the building into the landscape.

We terraced the area in 3 planes:
lower level – SPA zone,
intermediate level – parking area,
the upper level – the first floor.

This solution made it possible to minimize the use of retaining walls on the plot and make the most of the design area.

In order to design the facades, we selected clinker bricks and fiber cement slabs with an imitation of wooden planken. A folding roof is selected for the roof. Large overhangs of the roof provide good protection from the sun and rain.

Now a large friendly family will be able to enjoy the beautiful view right from their spacious house.
Our team was able to find an ideal solution when designed this project.

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