Villa Provence

Villa Provence

About project:
Style: provence
Location: Sochi
Year: 2019
Plot area: 1.5 HA

The author’s team:
Chief Architect: Anton Kuzma
Project architect: Anton Kuzma
Project architect: Dmitry Suvorov
Constructive solutions: Ivan Milov, Josip Kuzma
Interior design: Victoria Malyar
Construction manager: Anton Shevyakov
Engineering networks: Tatiana Demidova
Video review: Emin Kulyan

A French country house is reliable and spacious, filled with light and simple comfort. It will become a favorite place for those who appreciate every day of their lives and know how to see the beauty in everything that surrounds us. The finishing materials are selected in such a way that the building fits perfectly into the surrounding landscape throughout the round year. Large panoramic windows give the owners of the house an additional effect of presence in nature.

• The provence style, which has been shaped for centuries, is extremely practical and thought out to the smallest detail. Such a building fits perfectly into the suburban landscape, and is perfectly suitable for both summer holidays and permanent residence.

• Climatic features of foothill areas.

Sochi is very similar to the districts of Provence and many finishing and planting materials of this French region can be used here.

Lovers of measured life away from urban noise will experience genuine joy from real estate designed in this style. Being a kind of hallmark of their owners, such a house will certainly become a matter of their special pride.

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