Villa Paradise

Villa Paradise

About project:
Style: minimalism
Location: Sochi
Year: 2019
Area: 200 sq.m.

Team of authors:
Main architect: Anton Kuzma
Project architect: Emin Kulyan
Constructive decisions: Josip Kuzma
Engineering networks: Tatiana Demidova
Visualisation and video review: Emin Kulyan

Before starting to design this duplex, we faced a number of very difficult tasks.

▫️First, according to the Customer’s terms of reference, it was necessary to arrange 2 houses of 200 sq.m. with swimming pools, parking for 2-4 cars for each house and a small flower bed on an area of 6.5 acres.

▫️Another important problem was the very complex terrain of the site, and the difficult geological features of the soils. In addition, the plot is located on the edge.

Our volumetric layout solutions were aimed at using this source data for the benefit of future owners. The correct engineering solutions helped to strengthen the slope and place 2 overflow pools on the very edge of the cliff.

As a result of a successful layout, we managed to make a private panoramic view of the whole city, sea and mountains in all residential premises.

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