Villa Monaco

Villa Monaco

About project:
Location: Sochi
Style: minimalism
Area: 300 sq.m.

Team of authors:
Main architect: Anton Kuzma
Project architect: Emin Kyulan
Constructive decisions: Irina Botieva
Engineering networks: Mileta
Video review: Emin Kyulan

Comfortable layout, ergonomic space and modern design and all this in one. The main task was to form the complete privacy of the residents of the villa from their neighbors. On the left side, the house has a wider side of the facade, which allows us to arrange all the windows and plan the space in such a way that in each room we observe a panorama only at the sea and the city, without observing the neighbors.

The roofing above the living room kitchen forms a comfortable flat, accessible roof area for the upper bedrooms, offering even more panoramic views.

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