Villa Cube

Villa Cube

About project:
Style: minimalism
Location: Ahun Slope, Sochi
Year: 2019
Area: 295 sq.m.

Team of authors:
Main architect: Anton Kuzma
Project architect: Emin Kyulan
Constructive decisions: Iosip Kuzma, Ivan Milov
Interior design: Viktoria Malyar
Engineering networks: Tatiana Demidova
Visualisation and video review: Emin Kyulan

This is a bright and probably an ideal example, combining the style of “Minimalism” with functionality, modern approach and creative architectural solution.

This house was created specifically for lovers of active life, fun parties, sports, as well as for those who sometimes prefer calm, meditative relaxation.

The right architectural solution allows you to place on a rather compact site, everything that a modern family needs:

Two guest bedrooms;
Parking for the family fleet;
Gym, with a place for yoga and meditation, placed on the accessible roof area;
Sports ground;
Billiard room.
This project is designed as a holiday home located next to the main building.

We designed this house in a complex, it has a very interesting interior design

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