Casa Montana

Casa Montana

About project:
Style: minimalism
Location: Sochi
Year: 2021
Area: 300 sq.m.

The author’s team:
Chief Architect: Anton Kuzma
Project architect: Emin Kulyan
Constructive solutions: Josip Kuzma, Ivan Milov
Engineering networks: Mikhail Yankovich
Visualization and video review: Emin Kulyan

As initial data, we had an elongated plot of irregular shape in a picturesque place. The site is located in an existing building.

Upon request, the house has a fairly large set of premises. We harmoniously inscribed the architecture into the existing dimensions of the site in such a way that all living quarters are located on the favorable south and southeast side.

On the 1st floor we have located:
• Kitchen living room with access to the pool area;
• Dressing room;
• Storeroom;
• Guest bedroom;
• Study.
On the second floor:
• Two children’s rooms;
• Master bedroom with a large console that forms the area of the gazebo.

From the front facade of the house in the basement there is a garage for 2 cars and a technical room of the pool. Their exploited roof area forms a comfortable private terrace at the level of the first floor, with panoramic sea views.

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